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Champion Forest Resource Management, Inc. serves forest landowners of all types and sizes, from the small non-industrial landowner to large institutional investors.  Our goal is to help every client maximize the value and enjoyment of their forest ownership.  Client services are tailored to meet any and all needs of the forest resource investor.  Our history and experience in the forest industry positions us favorably to provide professional management direction and guidance to all landowners.

Through close communication with forest landowners, CFRM develops an overall management plan, then leads the implementation of activities and treatments to achieve the desired outcomes of the owner.  

Services That Champion Provides

Preparation of timber and wildlife management plans

Assistance with 1-d-1 Timber Tax Appraisal applications

Timber Sales

  • Harvest scheduling
  • Marketing timber sales - Find most appropriate and highest value timber markets and highly qualified logging contractors.  All loggers that Champion recommends are Texas Pro Logger certified.

 *Note:  Champion does not buy timber or harvest timber directly.  Our goal is to find the most appropriate and highest value markets for all timber products.

  • Timber sale layout

Marking and flagging streamside management zones

        Finding and marking sale boundaries and property lines

  • Monitoring of logging operations

Security load tags

        Field load production records

        Timber utilization and merchandising

        Best Management Practices compliance

  • Reconciliation of weekly payments to landowners

        Verify loads leaving logging site were delivered to mill

Verify payment to client for each load delivered to mill

Confirm that all removals are paid at the correct rate


Logging Set PHoto.jpg


GIS Mapping Services

  • Champion utilizes the highest quality Geographic Information Systems (GIS) available
  • Latest aerial imagery available
  • Accurate stand acreage determination


Property Security

  • Property line maintenance/painting through qualified service providers
  • Assessing land line survey needs
  • Posting signs


Perform due diligence for property acquisitions and dispositions

  • Timber inventory design
  • Timber inventory field data collection
  • Timber stand mapping
  • Timber valuation
  • Endangered species assessment


Timber Inventory for Timber Sales

  • Timber inventory design
  • Timber inventory field data collection
  • Timber stand mapping
  • Timber valuation



Wildlife/Endangered Species

  • Wildlife management plans
  • Monitor and assist with endangered species


Woodpecker Tree.jpg

Red Cockaded Woodpecker Nesting Tree


Site Preparation

  • Determine the most appropriate treatments and contractors to meet the goals of the landowner
  • Monitor site preparation treatments




Services that Champion Provides Through Third Party Contractors

Road Maintenance

Site Preparation


Prescribed Burning